Who gives feedback to my idea?

We collect feedback from a sample of people representing your market.

You decide who are these people. Specify your target group by:
  • Country - 25 countries
  • Gender - males, females or both
  • Age - any combination of 18-29, 30-49, 50+
  • Technology: smartphone users
  • Automotive: car owners
  • Life stage: singles or  married, or moms w/ kids 0-3YO, 4-6YO, 7-11YO, 12-16YO
  • Occupation: students or full-time employees or small business directors/managers or retired or unemployed
  • Travel: business travelers or leisure travelers
  • Behavior/purchase: smokers or wear glasses
Can't find your target audience? Enterprise plans give you access to more precise targeting. If you like to get access to this feature, please drop us an email at team@proved.co, and will send you a proposal.

We partner with one of the largest access panel providers - http://cint.com. Access panel is a community of millions of ordinary customers who have agreed to provide feedback.

Unlike collecting responses yourself, results from access panels are 
  • unbiased - provide honest opinion not influenced by the connection to you or your idea
  • representative - accurately reflect opinion of the audience you specify
  • timely - we guarantee 24 hours delivery of 100 responses, but in most cases it takes just 2-3 hours
Thanks to the above advantages, access panels have become de facto standard for professional market research. Every major global brand uses access panels to get early consumer feedback and test new product concepts. Proved.co makes this professional tool affordable to almost everyone.

In short, you get feedback to your idea from ordinary people who
  • are members of Cint-linked access panels
  • fit description of your audience
  • accurately represent opinions of your audience

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