Why I need Proved.? I can ask my friends or family!

Your mom is not a valid test market, right? Unless you try to build a product just for your mom!

The startup scene becomes a very tough place - more and more ideas, more people, more competition.
The recent Innovation study, for example, only in Travel segment reports 700 tech startups. 

In this highly competitive place the one who understands the customers needs better, is one step ahead of others. That's where Proved.co can help you/
  • We do market validations in a professional way - the way all big companies pre-test their concepts and new products
  • It's hassle-free for you - you just write your idea and select your target group. Proved. will generate a questionnaire, bring unbiased responses representative of your target market and generate online report
  • Proved. not only brings feedback from your target market, but scores you against your competitors.
  • And it's fast! The results are usually ready in 3-4 hours. Turnaround in 24 hours is guaranteed.

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