What if my idea is for a niche market?

Can't find your target audience among the groups we offer in self-service mode

Enterprise plans give you access to more precise targeting. If you like to get access to this feature, please drop us an email to team@proved.co, and we will send you a proposal.

To give you and idea of advanced targeting, here is a sample list of the groups you can target. You can also choose a combination, e.g. owners of DVD-players in New England or fast food restaurants visitors with iPhones. You can reach almost any group, this is just a question of price.

Geo Any or a combination of main cities or regions
OccupationAny or a combination of Studies, Full-time work, Part-time work, Retired, Unemployed
Education Any or a combination of Compulsory school, Sixth Form/College, University/Higher Education
Income Any or a combination of Low, Medium, High
Early adopters of new technology (the first to buy new gadgets, electronics, etc.)
Owners of 
Mobile phone, 3D TV, BluRay/DVD player, Cable TV/Satellite TV, Digital Camera, Digital Media/TV Receiver (e.g. Apple TV), Digital TV receiver, E-book reader (e.g. Kindle), Flat Screen TV, Home Wireless Internet, Mobile Phone, MP3 player/iPod, PC/Mac laptop or portable, PC/Mac stationary or desktop, Portable game console, Printer, Scanner, Stationary game console (e.g. Nintendo Wii), Surround System/Home Cinema, Tablet (e.g. iPad), Video Camera/Camcorder
Customer of mobile operators, i.e. O2, T-mobile, Vodafone, AT&T customers
Smartphone operating system iOS, Android (any or both)
Accommodation situation - Rented apartment / house, Owned apartment / house
Pets - Cat owners, Dog owners
Shop groceries at Tesco (UK), Sainsbury’s (UK), Morrisons (UK), Walmart (US)
Child’s age 1YO, 2YO, 3YO, 4YO, 5YO, etc.
Child’s age and genderboys 0-3YO, boys 4-6YO, boys 7-11YO, boys 12-16YO, girls 0-3YO, girls 4-6YO, girls 7-11YO, girls 12-16YO
Beverages consumption
Consumers of Tea, Coffee, Regular soda, Diet soda, Energy drinks, Bottled water still, Bottled water sparkling, Juice, Beer, Red wine, White wine, Champagne/Sparkling wine, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon, Gin, Alcopops, Cider, Liqueur
Fast food restaurants visitors
Sports Cycling, Football/soccer, Jogging, Fitness, Swimming
Hobbies Arts & crafts, Camping, Cooking, Gardening, Photography
Travel Beach holidays, Camping, Sightseeing


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